Sunday, April 19, 2009

sum days just don't add up

Hello everyone
Well yesterday was definately a down day wondering what I am putting myself through all of this for. It is all so unclear.  The hardest part is knowing I will have to wait a couple of years to know whether all of THIS achieved anything. When I get down, I try to distract myself with doing other things, but on the days after chemo there is not a lot of energy.
I did manage to replant 100 basil seedlings into bigger pots, which distracted me for awhile.
Ken and I went for a short walk in the woods which was good.
I build a lot of my day around planning what to make for dinner, which I did yesterday, but then could not bear to cook it. Funny thing, just cannot stand the smell of things cooking, I was fine eating it after Ken cooked it.  It was an asparagus, wild rice, tomato and lemon zest Frittata.
I got everything ready and he cooked it while I plugged my nose, and then  I went on to gobble down two pieces, weird eh???
I think my energy is a bit better this time than last time, and according to my blog, I started feeling better on the Monday.
Tracy and Jim are going to work on some tracks on my cd for the next few days, so that is something to look forward to

love and peace


  1. I read your blog and never cease to marvel at your strength and grace under fire.
    (so to speak)
    we are sending you a hug
    and I pray for you every night.

  2. Dear Janet,
    John and I recently heard the sad news about what you're going through. Thanks for sharing from your heart (and mind). I think your words will not only keep those of us who care about you informed, but can also be a source of information and strength for others who may be going through a similar ordeal.
    We've been pretty much living at John's mom's the past few months (she fell down the garage steps and got a pelvic buckle fracture, in addition to her other orthopaedic problems). But she's doing much better now and we are home for a couple of days. I find getting in the dirt to be great emotional therapy. I hope it works for you, too.
    We've been thinking of you and send you and Ken hugs.