Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the toilet blogeries

Hello everyone
Well as I write this I am trying to drink down the nulytely, which is the prep for the colonoscopy.
It is pretty ugly and if you have had one in recent years you might have been spared this with this other product that was taken off the market just a few short months ago because of concerns to the kidneys.  So now we are stuck with drinking 4 litres of the most gawd awful tasting stuff.......quickly.
They say a cup every 10 minutes and I am going to use this blog to .....  delay ...that.  Then again perhaps it is better not to have too much time to think about it.
I have been having left chest pain for some time now and have tried to explain it away and ultimately it really seems related to my stomach, it is worse when my stomach is full and worse when I have heartburn. I guess somehow I feel I would be able to deal with all of what is going on if I did not have the concern about my left chest.  I have had years of gastroesophageal reflux,  for which I just have small 3 inch blocks under the head of the bed and it seems to control it to a certain extent.  Reflux is where the muscle at the bottom of your esophagus becomes ineffective at preventing the stomach contents from washing up to your esophagus.
Your esophagus is not blessed with the same type of cells that the stomach is and so is unable to tolerate the high acid levels that the stomach cells do.
When the esophagus is exposed to acid, it "burns". The tissue is damaged, much like a burn and a person has pain. Thus the term "heartburn".
When this occurs over many years, the cell changes to the lower esophagus can become precancerous and the term is called "Barretts esophagus". If a person is found to have barretts esophagus they need to have endoscopys from time to time to ensure it has not become malignant.
All this as a description as to explain that I am also having an upper endoscopy (or gastroscopy) tomorrow as well.  I thought since I was having the colonoscopy and being put to sleep, might as well look at this to see whether there is any abnormalities of my esophagus that might be causing this chest pain.
Since I have had symptoms of this for years, I might as well get it checked out now as well.
OK I am half way through the nulytely now.
I like to think that once I am over this cancer treatment, I will have made up for years of ignoring symptoms of many things........and I will be pristine.
I will be able to step forward with the thoughts that no cancer could possible survive what I will have just been through.

MATH....a good idea when calculating meds. I read the instructions on the Nulytely and it said to drink an 8 ounce glass every 10 minutes, I did a rough estimate and figured I needed to get it all down in less than an hour. 
Well down to the last 8 ounce glass Ken said, wait a minute, what are you doing?
So I did the FORMAL math and calculated I was supposed to drink it over 4 hours.....OOOPS.
Well I am going to have to close here........or write this on the toilet......

PS I thought I would start sharing some of the photos that were taken at the photo shoot for the cd cover, ( I decided to do that before I lost my hair)

peace and love
janet bates

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