Thursday, April 9, 2009

new doctor day

Hello everyone
Just a short note, off to get my blood work done at hospital today, and then off to North Bend to see Dr Cook, who will be my new Chemo oncologist. Such a relief to be doing next chemo (April 15) so close to home. This way instead of looking at a menu trying to find something that appeals to me, I will have my entire cupboards and fridge, not to mention my freezer.
I have been making up meals in bulk and freezing them for next chemo. One thing I did find was that even if I was hungry when we started to make something, by the time it was done, I had lost my appetite. So I am planning for quick things. 
A major part of our lives is cooking dinner, I spend a lot of time cooking dinner every night and often Ken and I both do.  
I am also off to find a hand game a friend suggested. It is a hand held game player that has all sorts of games and puzzles geared at stimulating your brain. You are given a brain age when you start and then you work towards lowering it.  She has just got back from Mauii and found it great for lying on the beach, she thought it might be good for lying on the couch post chemo......(I will pretend)
Last night Ken and I were snuggled up watching old Law and Order shows, which we do every night (good distraction), and realtor calls up and someone wants to look at house at 9:30.
So we spent the next hour clearing away the "post chemo sprawl" our house has ended up in and went out in our van to watch the rest of Law and Order while they looked.
SHEESH>>>>> be continued

Gotta go now
love and peace
Janet Bates

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