Sunday, April 12, 2009

no hair day

Hello everyone
HAD  A GREAT day yesterday. Went and walked the trails down at New River with Beth, Guy and Vickie (two fine women and a nice guy). I think we put on more than a couple of miles, did not find one useful mushroom nor a pretty flower, however we told many a rat story. When we had all sufficiently ran out of rat stories we extended the topic to "related" rodents, such as packrats, mice, seagulls...... politicians.
Sorry to be late today, I did rounds at the hospital this morning, PLEASE don't anyone tell my sister Linda, she will KILL ME!
I am really feeling great and I am sure my blood work is NORMAL and I just love going over other peoples medical issues. Some of them seem easier to do something about than mine, at least in the short term, or at least see some evidence that I am doing something. I do truly love being a doctor.
I had all my hair shaved off yesterday, except for a tiny amount of my bangs, which seemed like the only part that did not appear as if it was going to fall out soon. Everyone says it looks lovely and that I have a nice shaped head, I am not totally convinced yet. I will hold off posting a picture till Ken can take one.....that I like..?
The odd thing about things that are inevitable that take awhile to happen, is that you accept them over a period of time, so that the final act is not so painful.
It was not really a big deal for me getting all my hair shaved off yesterday, because I guess I have had a month or so to prepare for it.  The braids have all been preserved perfectly and there are a lot of them because I have/had lots of hair. SO in effect we could make one with braids and one without.?? We will see.
Anyways I slept very well last night without all those little elastics poking into my scalp. My head feels very cold, so will certainly wear a hat a lot for some time just to keep me warm.

Love and peace 

Janet Bates 

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