Thursday, April 30, 2009

exercising my options

Hello everyone
Well my gastroscopy and colonoscopy went well.  I had the procedures done here in our little hospital in Bandon.  Where else would I get a present from the anaesthetist before the procedure?  Yes since my colonoscopy, my hat collection has grown substantially.  Cool eh?
The surgeon found a polyp in the colon and one in the stomach both of which appeared benign. (now where have I heard that before?   :)  )
Then Josh and Ken and I went out to the Wheelhouse and we all had clubhouse sandwiches.

I went to my second Yoga class today ( Yemaya's class) and it seems to be very good for the soul.
I have read where the real fatigue that goes along with chemo is 
much less with regular exercise, so Ken and I are trying to get out most days for a walk in the woods. Today I was working on vocals for my cd, and just could not finish the lines, I was too short of breath.
So I drank a gallon of water, and Ken and the dogs and me went out and did our 2 mile loop out in the woods and I ran perhaps a quarter to half a mile without too much trouble, then I came home and had no trouble finishing the vocals on two songs. Perhaps I just need to get warmed up :)
Ken and I both found ticks crawling on us after we got home. Who knows how many the dogs picked up. (that is the first time ever that we BOTH got ticks)  At least I did not need to worry about them being in my hair.
Speaking of hair, I just noticed today that all the hair on my legs must have fallen out in the past few days. You don't notice that stuff as much as the hair on your head. 
I think the eyebrows are also starting to go, but once again you do not end up with a hunk of hair on the pillow when your eyebrows fall out. Ken did point out to me that if I had eyebrows like my father and they fell out I would notice it. My father has eyebrows that when you unfurl them, reach up to top of his forehead. One thing weird about how my eyebrows are falling out, they almost look like they have been professionally shaped right now.

When you lose your hair from chemo it pretty much always grows back, however this is not the case with radiation. Usually when an area is radiated the hair that is lost never grows back in.  Since I will be getting pelvic radiation I  may never need to worry about  bikini waxing...(not that I ever have before....well.... maybe once) So all that hair also falls out.

Anyways, I am doing really well the past few days, only momentarily letting my mind wander to the dark side. I just wanted everyone to know that.

love and peace
Janet Bates
jankenb (at)

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