Monday, April 20, 2009

the power of protein

Hello everyone
Great to emerge on day 6 of chemo.  To me its like starting down the other side of the mountain.
Over the weekend I have been taking "whatever drugs" it took to keep me asleep for >10 hours.
I figured my body would do a much better job of healing while it was sleeping.
 I found this time around  I was craving protein, nothing but protein.  So where a dozen eggs usually lasts us a month or two (remember the cardiac history), I have gone through a dozen this weekend.
The other odd thing this time is that I was hungry all day yesterday, have not been like that since before surgery. I was reading where the chemo drugs cause so much damage to cells that you need extra protein for rebuilding new cells. So it seems as though my body is  takin care of me just fine.
I find the more I do the more I am able to do and as long as I take little rests I can do a whole lot in the garden. I still have not planted potatoes but I guess there is this week for that.

A mouse has joined our little birdie township and he seems no more welcome than the rat was.  There is this big fat squirrel whom I am sure has named the town after himself. He was there first, he probably has already started a whole new religion based on the "miracle" of finding this place in the middle of nowhere.  He clearly seems to be the boss, and he ain't too tolerant of vermin like mice and rats. He puts a run on them, and then......, there is peace in the valley.  ?? &$#@....again
I think he has his eye on the dogs too, but I think he might have to "bulk up" a bit before he takes on chewy and rex.
love and peace
janet bates

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