Monday, February 25, 2013

Today is the 4th anniversary of my surgery for endometrial cancer, so in other words, the last time I have seen hide nor hair of that scoundrel, was 4 years ago today.
Ken said to do something special today, now what special... could I do??   So I went back to my blog and started to copy it onto my computer, the first step to make this into a book
I am sure that there is an easier way to do it but for now I want my own version on my own computer.
I am alive and well and read parts of the blog where I wondered if I would still be around this long.
Saw the oncologist a few weeks ago and at least the exam did not show any evidence of cancer. I have not had a scan in almost 2 years, but everything seems to be going well.
There is not much about our lives that is the same as it was before the cancer, some good some sad, and not all can be blamed on the cancer.
We miss our friends in Oregon, and we miss Oregon, but also feel very fortunate to be here now.  I guess our music was built around our friends and coconspirators against the war,  and we do not have the same political associations here.  I guess it is also those people who encouraged my music on. There was nothing like someone saying they loved one song or another, to getting me back working on another song.
I feel that my story here has a happy ending and though I have been afraid to say that for fear of tempting fate or something, we all need a happy cancer story to be able to help someone else believe that all is not hopeless.
WHile I read back over the blog I wonder where all that energy came from, I was doing chemo, and recording the vocals for a cd, organizing house concerts and gardening.
I had a lot more energy back then. I guess I worked less though.
Anyways, thought I would drop an note to say I am doing fine.