Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello everyone:
Well Ken and Guy are out in the yard with a large bobcat machine, clearing away some of the underbrush..."the easy way".  My goal for the day will be to maintain enough underbrush such that I might maintain my newest pastime, soaking in the hot tub naked in the afternoon.  Somehow something has always gotten in the way of that in the past.....neighbours....children.... I am shy.    Well I used to be shy. In my family I am the prude, the only one in the hot tub with my bathing suit on. 
We have had a hot tub for years and almost never used it, purely based on a lack on interest on my part.
The aches and pains of chemo seem to respond well to the heat and the sun shining down seems to "heal".  
 We do live on a 5 acre lot, so there is a buffer from the neighbours.
This time around with chemo, for some reason I have found eating to go well, it has been drinking that really nauseated me. I have tried a whole host of things to drink, everything tastes awful.  I have gotten a bit dehydrated. 
Yesterday I discovered watered down cranberry juice. ( I should make it very clear here that I am in NO way associated with Ocean Spray, nor did they pay me to say that).  I seem to be able to drink it by the gallon, which is what I have been searching for. I feel SO much better when I am hydrated, but I have never had such a hard time drinking. I know that sounds weird.

Off to check out my new "and enlarged" back yard.

love and peace
janet bates

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