Monday, August 31, 2009

Tons of tomatoes

Hello everyone
Having a very exciting day today. The realization that this is almost over is really starting to sink in as I emerge from the most recent chemo "tunnel".  It is funny sometimes that you do not realize you are in a tunnel until you come out of it, like you did not realize you were feeling badly until you are feeling better. The last few days have not seemed too bad until I woke up today feeling great.  The best part of it all is that it seems that it is only uphill from here. 
Having a lot of generalized pains from the Neulasta, which I will take any day over the nausea of the chemo.
 There is one thing that I think really helped me this time around and I would suggest for anyone on chemo.  I made casseroles. First off I made a scalloped potato casserole with tuna and other veggies ( I will post recipe once I write it out).  Then I basically ate it all day for a few days. Then I made a vegetable bean soup and had that for another two days.  I think that the key to these two meals was that they were light, mostly vegetables, and they both had a major protein source. One thing I have found over time with chemo is that eating usually helps  the nausea, as long as you eat the right thing, and thats the hard part. Keeping a little bit of something in the stomach at all times.

The other really cool thing is that my open wounds seem to have healed completely over the past few days, the rectal area "just feels normal".  I guess I was afraid it would never heal, so this is, I guess, a bonus.
I am just feeling so great about feeling so great, I just wanted to "share". I will never take "feeling great" for granted.

I think I feel like I might just make pizza tonite, I have all these tomatoes from my green house to use up, and the rosemary.......etc.
Love and peace
janet bates
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