Sunday, August 16, 2009

losses and gains

Hello everyone
Well it is day 12 of my second to last chemo cycle, and I am doing pretty well. I am feeling back to normal. ( this is the part where the bloodwork takes a dive, but I feel the best)
So next time when I am whinging about how lowsy I feel at day 8, remind me about day 12.

Have been having fun with the music lately, in fact moreso than I have in a long time. I guess the music has taken on a new meaning for me.
Although I have recently been lamenting about parts of my body that just are not going to function the same as before, perhaps some are better.
Several people have heard bits and pieces of the new cd and one thing they comment on is how much more clear the vocals are than in any cd in the past. I just tell them that its just the bondage of useless organs like uterus and ovaries that were holding me back. However truthfully I really have a whole new "freedom" when I sing now, I guess a freedom from any sort of pressure.

I believe it seems to have all come together for me recently, so perhaps I see it as the balance for the losses, are the gains elsewhere.
So the cd is at the manufacturer now and they will start work on it on Monday. It should be in my hot little hands by September 1. If anyone who reads this blog would like a copy of the cd "hot off the press", email me at jankenb @ (without the spaces) and I will tell you how.

I sent a little sampler (3 songs) out to the radio stations that had played my music in the past, and have already in the first week had 6 airplays.

Am anxiously awaiting "fall out day" day 14, to see just what is going to fall out.

love and peace
Janet Bates
jankenb @

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  1. Weird how things seem to balance out when you least expect it. Hope the CD launch goes well.