Friday, August 28, 2009

last day 3

Hello everyone
Its raining, its raining......finally. Good for mushrooms, apparently good for fishermen (you learn something new every day.
The dawn of day three is going well thus far, had the most incredible sleep last night, and am feeling positive today. Somehow it is so exciting to know that there will be no more "day 3" and after tomorrow no more "day 4s" Took 8 pills this morning and apart from feeling a little groggy am feeling pretty good.
I did something really different yesterday.  Had this terrible pain in my hip and so Ken just drove me over to a massage therapist who got me in right away. It was the second massage I have ever had in my life. Sure felt good.
A lot of people have asked me about trying marijuana as a treatment, and I guess I have been sort of skiddish about this, though my first chemo oncologist told me right from the start what he would give me a permit.  I quit smoking cigarettes about 30 years ago, and am not to keen to put something on fire up to my lips, ever again.
Other people have asked about accupuncture, which I have not tried, however when I was up seeing the surgeon in Eugene (who had just returned to practice from breast cancer treatment...chemo and radiation) and she said though she was not previously a believer, that she found it worked well for her chemo nausea.
For me, I feel I have just a few more days to go with the nausea then I am home free, and so will stick to the pills I am on now. In many ways the harder thing for me is the horrible tastes I get that seem to make me nervous about eating anything lest it might give me a terrible after taste.
Yesterday went for walk in woods AND had a music practice, so all in all a good day.

love and peace

Janet Bates
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