Thursday, August 27, 2009

the morning after

Hello everyone
I have decided not to be so namsy pamsy about the drugs. And I had a great day yesterday, not that I can remember the whole thing.
This morning I have taken 7 pills and am considering another. I do not want to have any nausea.
I want this last chemo to go as unnoticed as possible :)
My CA 125 came back on Tuesday and is still 8 which is very good, any rise in it might be suspect of the ugly cancer rearing its ugly head......somewhere.
Dr Cook has ordered a full ct scan on the 9th of september, chest abdomen and pelvis with IV and oral contrast. Am looking forward to this, as yet another assurance.
I asked Dr Cook what would have made my ca 125 go from 29 preop to 61 after my first chemo, he said that the thought is that the first chemo has the highest "kill" rate, and that this likely represented the remaining cancer kill.
My CA 125 dropped down to 15 the next time and has been under 10 ever since.  So it is clear that the chemo has done something. I asked him a bit about the bone density scanning etc and he said that this is a whole new area in oncology and that is the long term followup of "survivors".  Since oncology is becoming more and more successful at "curing" the cancers, the side effects that occur down the road have not been looked at as much as they should have until just recently.  This is especially true for the younger and younger people who are being treated for cancers. He would not normally as an oncologist order a bone density scan, whereas my family doctor can and insurance WILL cover it based on the fact that I went through menopause 3 years ago. I think this is something that for much younger women going through radiation of the pelvis and low back, it should be looked at, and if present treated early. Why go through all this to cure a cancer only to have a hip fracture at the age of 60.

Well I am sticking to smoothies and soft cooked eggs on killer daves bread.

love and peace
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