Thursday, August 6, 2009

the final steps for a finished cd

Hello Everyone
Well day 2 is going well, the IV fluids make this so much easier, as I have a lot of abdominal cramping with everything I eat. (that is new)
Big day for the cd today, it was mastered yesterday, and today and last night I am downloading it. Usually a copy is sent to the artist to CHECK for errors etc, however the only other day the masteror can work on this is tomorrow, there was not time, so I am downloading. There are the official files so are not compressed like most music sent over the internet. Most music you can listen to are mp3s which are compressed and are not quite of the same quality as the actual wav type files which are what are on the actual cd.
For some reason the internet is slow yesterday and today, so it is taking forever. On the last song now. From here I will burn a cd and listen several times and figure whether this is the cd I want to go the the manufacturor. I will email them, and they will send a formal copy of the cd (a special kind of disk). The manufacturer actually presses that cd. which means they make a mold of it and use the mold to mass produce (well in my case I would not call it "mass" production), usually 1500 cds. The previous ones are taking up most of the shelf space in my garage.
The other thing I am doing is proof reading the final booklet. It is mostly finished, except that they cannot finish it complelely until they get the actual song times from the mastering studio.
The mastering studio is where the song gets trimmed at the ends to make for smooth endings.
If all goes well Tracy Grammer, who has been doing the editing and more or less overseeing the cover production, will check everything over and it will get to manufacturer. From there they do a rough run print of the cover and send usp to me to check ( this step takes away another few days from the project and nowadays they will let you OK the colours etc online)
Then once everything is finalized at the manufacturor, there are 10 working days to get it done.
They will send 500 unsealed discs to me, for me to send to the radio station. I have a promotor helping me with this part. The rest I will stack, ......with the my garage, on the shelves.

that is the story of my cd as it sits today.
Day 2 is usually a pretty good day as far as fatigue, so lots to get done before tomorrow, which is not always a good day for fatigue.

Love and peace
Janet Bates
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