Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5/6 chemos

Hi Everyone
I passed the test! Second time around.
My bloodwork just squeezed through this time. So I am getting my infusion right now.  I have been thinking of how similar chemo is to going on a flight. We book it in advance, we bring along movies, books and crossword puzzles. It seems to take the better part of a day.  You always feel worse when you leave than when you arrived.  Going to the bathroom is DIFFICULT. (on the plane you have to crawl over people, in chemo you have to haul all your stuff along)
It is expensive, you cannot get your money back. You sit around all day.  And oh by the way you feel worse when you leave than when you arrived.  They have little blankets to put on your little lap. You are limited to where you can go, in chemo you cannot leave the room (because if the drugs for some reason spills on a carpet, it destroys the carpet)....on a plane, well that is obvious.  Makes you wonder how your veins can tolerate something that destroys carpets.
Believe it or not I am sitting here munching on a bag of cheetos. Why? ??? 
I have NO idea. They taste great, and I know I will regret it. To the Canadians reading this, cheetos are similar but not quite the same as cheesies.  Does this remind you of a flight, eating something you know you shouldn't but it is there. One significant difference..... my steward is MUCH cuter than on any flight......Ken...and more attentive!

The really BIG news is that my cd is being mastered today in New York today.   Mastering is the final stage of a cd, prior to sending it to be manufactured. Although I do know what it means, I really cannot explain it, so I defer to Wikipedia
So once I download what is being done today, and approve it, then the mastering technician will send it to the manufacturer.  From there 10 business days to sending it out to me.
So pretty darn exciting.  Getting this cd and starting to get it off radio stations will likely fill the void that ending chemo will leave in my life.
I hope everyone recognized Obama's birthday yesterday.

Love and peace
janet bates
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