Sunday, August 23, 2009

last days of summer

Hello everyone
Well I am anxiously waiting to begin the ending of all of this. My blood count is still very low, I will have another blood test tomorrow, and if it is still low, I will get a neupogen shot to see if 
it will bump up the white blood count enough that I can safely have my chemo on Wednesday.
I really feel pretty good, have been off mushroom picking everyday, which entails walking several miles.
I am shedding my hair rather rapidly now. If I wear black , all the hair I have shed shows and if I wear white, the dogs hair shows. For this week, I am winning.
 So what this means is that the ice I used on the first chemo this last set worked at saving my hair. My hair should have fallen out last cycle, but it is falling out this cycle, so it seems like it worked.  (I did not use ice the last time around)

The little 3 song sampler I sent around to a few of the radio stations has done well thus far this month, with 10 airplays (which gets it to the bottom of the folk dj list for August and still 10 days to go) Let that rich man pay for a change is the song that has thus far done the best.

love and peace
janet bates
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