Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Makayla" at Bullards beach

Hi Everyone
Ken and I are on our way to Eugene.  I guess it has been an interesting spring and summer, but one of the good bits is that Ken and I have basically been joined at the hip for months now. Not that we are not always close, but we do almost everything together now and it is wonderful.  He is absolutely the best mate for this kind of thing. He seems to just know always what to do and how to be.  When I am upset he is quiet and listens, when I am really upset he cries too, and then when I cheer up he cheers up just as fast. He is always trying to find ways to make the difficult bits easier, and gets frustrated for the things he cannot fix for me. When we had the fire, he said the only other time he had felt so impotent was with my cancer. He could not do a thing about the problem, just work away at the edges.
I am so looking forward to go off on a trip that has nothing to do with my health.  In some ways today seems a bit like that because this is just a sort of routine follow up visit and no other commitments or things to stress about.
We did go and find a ton of large lobster mushrooms, though I am not giving the particulars here, but we did celebrate my birthday, and were able to share the cake with fellow mushroom hunters. Could not have been a better birthday.
We got home a little late to make my favourite pizza, as I had not premade the dough. So we went to Rays, bought a pizza, took all the stuff off of it and made my favourite pizza, Shrimp, rosemary and capers.
I have decided that for future birthdays, to look at them differently. Instead of celebrating them, I envision a  very quiet "thank you" moment......to whomever, and whatever has allowed this body to keep "living" for another year.
I have included a video of our show at Bullards Wednesday night, joining us are Mark Dievendorf on drums and Jamie Sterling on violin

Love and peace
Janet Bates
jankenb @ gmail.com

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