Friday, March 27, 2009

why cancer, why me, why now?

Hello everyone . The song that Ken put the slideshow to yesterday was called, she sings her song. Iwrote it about the children show suffer the affects of agent orange, cancers, musculoskeletal problems all because of a herbicide, sprayed on the ground to kill all folliage.  It was used in Vietnam to destroy the jungle,  a two fold approach at warfare, take away the enemies hiding places and destroy thier source of food.. 
I guess thoughts I am pondering on our way home from Eugene.
I guess I feel since my mothers heart attack (when she was my age 52) I feel I have lived a fairly healthy life, gradually increasing my exercize,  to becoming a marathon runner, also following a low fat diet, gradually working toward the suggested 7 fruits and veggies a day.
My doctor maintains that I am about the last person she would expect to get this, and especially in more aggressive form.  Usually women are obese and/or have taken hormones.  The fact that I never had a pregnancy is one risk factor.
However lately I have also been thinking that there just has got to be more to this bourgeoning of cancers.  You cannot turn your head with hearing of someone else being "blessed" with the diagnosis. Earlier this year, for the first time ever, despite our rather slovenly ways, cancer has bypassed heart disease as the leading cause of death amungst adults.
Reading last night about GMOs which now make up most of our corn and soy supplies, I wonder how much you can change about what we take in, without it altering our bodies.  To develop plants that can withstand the herbicides that they are going to use on them, to me just seems nuts.
All the years of being out running in agricultural areas, running by a farmer who has a mask on, wondering what is protecting me.  I wonder does the farmer care how far down the line the effects of his spray will be felt. Will it be the ground water going to the sea, will it be the fish we buy at the market, will it be the child with a hankering for cranberry sauce , or cranberry cookies, or will it be that childs child?  These things are so hard to measure, and quantify, but why is there so much cancer around?
And how many of your actions will you be immune from that will go on to affect others in grevious ways.

Love and peace to all
lets all go organic

Janet Bates

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