Saturday, March 28, 2009

it was bound to happen

Hello everyone
Although I pretty much see myself as impervious to just about anything,  yesterday afternoon at about 3 it occurred to me that perhaps this chemo might be a big deal. Like a couch patata....I 
just collapsed into the best chair in the house and apart from for very important things, did not get up. Getting a glass of water was suddenly way too much for me. The nausea, the fatigue and all the muscle and bone pains hit.
So we decided to go back to plan B.... Listen to the doctor. (what a concept)
He said that the nausea and pain meds, it was likely better to just schedule and take regularly, than to wait until I was nauseated. He said that it would make it easier for the next round of chemo. He said often people who have a really hard time the first time then get "anticipatory nausea" out of fear from the previous time.
So Ken is playing "nurse Kenny" and timing all the meds as a schedule. (he is off playing doctor Kenny right now though)
I certainly hope that these toxic drugs are doing more than just killing my good cells.

On the good side of things...... I did get all my artichokes fertilized, my spinach planted, my strawberries planted and a lot of my garden weeded before I took to the comfy chair yesterday.
On the other good side, we got home from Eugene yesterday and lo and behold....there were TONS of birds at my feeders, casually glancing at me as if to say....."we were WONDERING when you were going to make it back to feed us"
So WELCOME..... birds to keep me company, and welcome any thoughts you have at..

Love and peace
janet Bates

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