Monday, March 30, 2009

a new week

Hello everyone
For fear of boring anyone with the minute details of my bodies reactions to the prescribed poisons, I left off this morning.  I feel now that that is somewhat unfair to describe how unwell I feel and then..................
I often feel that as a doctor.  You just never find out when someone feels better,  you just don't hear from them.   
I am feeling better today.  I walked about a mile or so today, and had one of those breakfast sandwiches down at the bandon coffee place.  I was fortunate to have arrived late enough to miss the AM Obama bashers.
I did go for bloodwork today and while it looks pretty good, the liver enzymes are elevated. I know the chemo can do this, I only hope that this will not mean that they will need to lower the dose.  I have read where when you need to lower the dose of the meds, you also lower the "kill rate" of the cancer.  I did stop my evening glass (or two) of wine two nights prior to the chemo.
(this was not totally intentional ...... to even smell wine gives me nausea)
I have a call in to the doctor, and my guess is that he will just repeat the test to make sure it comes down prior to next chemo.
While I know that no one believes me that we have birds "flocking, ... yes flocking" to our bird feeders,  we have yet to get a photo of one of them, so I thought I would include yet another photo of yet another hat.  The question that is likely on everyone's mind, as well as I still have hair.  Apparently that will fall out on day 14. Someone suggested at the party that we could start a hair pool.
We could put numbers on the braids and people could bet on which ones would fall out first......and last.
and the garden... I have planted 10 tomatoe plants in the green house, a whole raised bed of beets, another raised bed of strawberries and 2 flats of basil in side and one flat of zuchini inside
I have know you are not supposed to plant them inside, but I have spent two years waiting for my zuchinis to germinate and I am not taking any chances. I have BIG PLANS FOR zuchinis this year, perhaps I need to learn how to spell them first.
thanks for reading my blog, and my warmest wishes go out today for Norine.
Love and Peace
Janet Bates 

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