Tuesday, March 10, 2009

march 10th

Today I hope to hear from my doctor. She called me yesterday, but I have not yet figured out how to answer my cellphone and missed it. (When I went to get something fixed at the cell phone place the other day the girl could not believe I have used up 2 minutes in 2 months)
I hope to find out when my PET scan will be, and this test will determine if the cancer has spread elsewhere. I feel I am due for some good news, so hopeful about this.
I may not be able to get it done for awhile, as if it is done too soon post op it can be falsely positive.
Ken and I are heading over to Eugene tomorrow for an 11 o clock appt with doctor. Ken has to work on Thursday night, so if by some chance I can have PET done on Friday, I will likely stay and come back later Friday.

I have decided that when my sister Linda comes this weekend we are going to plant my garden, I figure it will be a very positive distraction for me in the coming months, as it has always been in the past.

I found a wonderful site two days ago, called www.hystersisters.com. It is an online forum for women who have had hysterectomies and there are many subsections. One subsection is cancer and women with ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers post questions.  I posted my grade, and stage and asked about when to expect radiation (it is often delayed after surgery) 3 women have subsequently answered with the same stage and grade as mine, and went through the therapy that they have been through. One woman is a university professor, one is a school teacher.  Some are quite recent, some had their surgery a few years ago. It was so reassuring to know I can call upon people in pretty much the same situation as me for info.
The other issue that has come up (I can only absorb so much a day) is my hair. on hystersisters they suggest you just buzzing it off to maintain you level of control. 
Anne Feeney just wrote and suggested I shave it and donate it to loving locks.
For today, I am going to think about it, ..........................
Too much for one day.
Funny thing, I bought a toque (canadian term for wool hat) at a farmers market at whistler last summer from a women who had just completed chemo. I thought it would be a great hat for shows as it has one very long side to it. Now I realize why she was making them.   Perhaps I will need to dig it out.

On top of all of this, I really need to complete my cd by May.  So back to the studio

love and peace


  1. Hello Janet,
    I feel honored to be allowed into your world as you travel this life path. Your spirit is so free and will always be.
    You have opened up for the flow of compassion and love;
    the circle of this life force.
    Sincerely, Monica

  2. There are some wonderful forums out there. When I was pregnant with Shanley, she was a previa, I got lots of info from other previa moms.

    Keeping a journal will help you and others I think