Wednesday, March 18, 2009

and starts.....

Hi everyone

Ken and I are on our way home from Eugene with our plan for the next  7-8 months.

I found it extremely difficult being in the cancer centre, waiting room, but once in the office, I was OK.

The radiation oncologist explained that it was a bit like firefighting

The fire crew puts out the initial fire (the surgery), then the radiation takes care of the surrounding houses, dealing with potential burning embers. The chemo takes care of the rest of town.  ..... Well something like that.

I looked so nervous, I think she felt sorry for me and moved up the PET scan to next wednesday, and I will be able to start chemotherapy that day as well.

 I think I have come away with a better understanding of where I am at in this process. 

The chemo doctor explained it this way. There is a possibility that  my surgery may have cured my cancer, however there is no way to know if there are microscopic spread, because there were positive nodes.  She also said that because there were positive nodes, it means that we know this cancer is capable of setting up camp in a distant  place.  The chemo doctor said that the truth of the matter is that there are many people who receive chemo and radiation that likely do not need it, however it is impossible to tell, so everyone at this stage must go through this.

And starts next Wednesday

Ken and I have decided to take this on, the good with the bad. We stayed at La Quinta hotel and they have a very special rate for anyone with a medical need and in fact they said even a better rate for when we are staying for 4 or more days a week. I know this would not be for everyone, but we are wanting to look at this like a little holiday, and try to make it special.  The hotel is right on alton baker park and we spent this morning walking along the trails watching all the ducks geese herons and other birds......extremely therepeutic.  It is a 1 mile walk to 5th street market and a 5 minute drive to the cancer centre. Perhaps I will just stay on radiation forever, or at least just TELL EVERYONE I am going over to Eugene for the radiation....(after it is all over)

I have to say I am becoming more and more positive about all of this, I will feel much better after the PET scan however neither oncologist seemed to expect to find much, so that seems to be good.

I know that there will be days I am very tired during the chemo, and for this I have (with Linda and Ken) created a very complex bird feeder neighbourhood just out my dining room window. We found several very cool birdhouse/feeders at Schindler and our local hardware store.   (theres a green one and a red one a blue one and a yellow one and they are all made of ticky tacky......)  Actually they are very cute, we also got a birdbath, which also might attract them (as long as chewy doesn't scare them away)  Also planted a few colourful flowers......

We also got going on our garden, planted several veggies.

I have also decided to start listening to all the advise people have been giving me.  I guess I have not been wanting to rest, because I have been wanting to prove to myself that I am healthy, and I think I will change my approach.  I have been more tired lately and think that the stress of surgery and the psychological stress is starting to weigh on me.  So will try to rest each day and to exercize and find a balance.  

They have told me for certain that my hair will all fall out and I am considering an extremely different approach, you know I always have to be different. I am thinking of having my hair braided with the corn know like bo derek

and then when they fall out, I can collect them all and glue them to a hat.

If anyone knows someone local who does those braids, let me know,  I have found a lady in Eugene who I think will do it this weekend, however it would be easier in Bandon.

I am going to have the pictures taken for my cd cover in the next couple of days, while I still have hair.

Love and peace to all


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