Sunday, March 15, 2009

the eve of the ides of March party

The party last night was just incredible, my Oregon family. Although there was a thought of heading back to Canada upon finding out this diagnosis, I realized that Bandon is where my support is and so to uproot at a time like this would be a mistake. So Bandon is stuck with us.
The past 6 years have been "my favourite" part of my life.
As to how I am feeling, physically, I am feeling much better than ever today.  I had read through my doctors instructions etc and what to expect post op. They described that you would have some bladder and/or bowel cramping, and so though I have been having pain ever since the surgery, I just assumed it was normal. Friday the pain got a lot worse, and it turns out I had a urinary track infection. Took the antibiotics and now all the pain is gone, so I guess I likely had it all along.  I really am going to have to work a bit harder at being a good patient before I start chemo.
I guess the concept of chemo is starting to sink in, and I am a bit afraid. The other night, I actually had a reaction to the antibiotic and got quite sick, horrible night. I was fine the next day and infection gone, however could not help but then think about how much more toxic chemo would be. I have never in my life spent a day in bed.

On Tuesday Ken and I are going over to Eugene to see the chemo oncologist and then we will stay over and Wednesday I will be seeing the radiation oncologist. These will be just consults and I guess my chance to ask all the questions. My guess is that I will likely begin chemo on the 31st of March. Although all it will entail is 2 iv infusions we think we will stay in Eugene for a couple of days so we are close to the cancer centre, should there be any problems. For the future treatments we will likely just come home after them.

I have just sorted out (at least I think I have) how to post a video on here, so this is a video of our concert in Williams Lake, a song called "the little spinner" about the children working in the cotton mills at the turn of the century.  Google "little  spinner" to see the famous photo that is actually what inspired me to write the song


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