Saturday, March 21, 2009

photo shoot

Hello all
I decided that I had to do the photo shoot for the cd cover this week if I wanted to have hair for the pictures.  Not knowing what I will look like without hair I thought I would begin WITH.
I contacted the photographer, my friend Joan Emm, who did the photos for the last cd and set up yesterday as the date. I have not been feeling "creative" lately and as to ideas for the cover, I had none.  I did want to somehow build the cover around one of the songs "the little spinner", which is  a song about a famous photo taken of a spinner working in the cotton mills in 1910.  This photo and several others like it, were instrumental in creating the child labour act. The photographer was Lewis Hines. I saw this picture a few years ago and wrote the music for the song, but the lyrics only came to me about 10 months ago.
Anyways.... I had no idea what to do for the cover, except that it would be black and white. Then it suddenly came to me as I was getting ready.  I would be the photographer. Beth had an old camera and we took the photos like I was a photographer catching glimpses of life in an effort to bring them to the public attention (much like in music)
Anyways we had a great time, and I really have to suggest this to anyone who is about to begin chemo, to go out and have a whole bunch of pictures taken. According to Joan, they turned out great, however it will be a few weeks before we can see them as she uses film and it goes to California to be processed.
Then today we went to a protest to mark the 6th anniversary of this crazy war. Felt good to be out on the streets again holding signs.
Still not one bird at my bird feeders.
Ken and I are going over to Eugene on Tuesday night in preparation for the festivities on Wednesday.  The doctor has said that I would feel worse on the second day and so we had thought about leaving after chemo. However on talking about it further we think we will stay in Eugene Wednesday night because of the concerns of allergic reaction, which I have read, can occur even later that day. So we will drive back to Bandon on Thursday morning.
The doc told us to work very hard to make sure we treat the nausea aggressively, and early
because apparently if you do not, then the second round of chemo you can get what is called anticipatory nausea, ...just because you expect it, you worry about know how the stomach is.

Speaking of the nausea, Josh, enthusiastically said upon finding out that I would be going on chemo, that I could get a marijuana card, .....:)
We told this story to the doctor, just as  a joke. 
He said, just so you know, I have NO PROBLEM arranging for you to have a marijuana card.  :)

Love and peace to all

Janet Bates
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