Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still Life

Hello everyone
Ken and I (and chewy and rex) went off yesterday in search of the great black morel.
Did not find it, but we know where not to look today.
oh and the birdies are less shy today and posed  here whilst waiting for someone to open the door.
It is great fun watching the birds, like a still life watercolour with the occasional visitor.
Still life is not really a place I have ever been.  I have been obsessed that every moment must achieve something, for a very long time.
I believe I have been "blessed" with this "disease situation" perhaps as a means of reseting the way I live my life.
I think everything happens for a purpose, and I feel that perhaps this has happened as  means of allowing me to more  clearly see the rest of my life. Adversity being the cloth that cleans the eyeglass to better see the soul
Although Ken and I have an amazing marriage, somehow it is even closer as we live these days in "still life", just going through the motions, doing what we can and not dwelling too much on what we cannot do.  If we just "hunker down" through this time, and try to be patient, we will have a much more full life when it is all over. He is totally amazing.
We have taken to doing crossword puzzles, my sister and my father would grin at this.  We bought a crossword book the day of chemo and with all the steroids, I WAS HOT, I could not write down the words fast enough.  Somehow with all the other drugs I have slowed somewhat.
I am struggling with completing the cd, with the current situation, everything is being done for me, with exception of the vocals. ALL I HAVE TO DO IS THE vocals.
However this is also hard, as I have had so many issues everytime I go to do them SOMETHING has gotten in the way, between computer failure, hoarseness, family travels, work issues, and then this....there is a rather subconsciencious part of me that does not want to go there. 
However that is my goal for today, to at least get something on the cd done....oh and to drink 8 glasses of water and...have a bm.....
hmmm busy day

Love and peace
janet bates   ...still with hair

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  1. Such an incredible sense of humor...love the bm part.....
    thank you for the reminder about patience...