Monday, June 1, 2009

turmeric cookies

Hi Everyone

We are on the road again, back to Eugene. Radiation treatment today at 5:30.

My regular times are 9 am and they give me a late time on Mondays to allow us to get there.

I am beginning to feel the effects of the radiation, some diarrhea. They suggested I take benefiber, (or metamucil, or citrucel), though they are fiber forms, what they really do is absorb water. In radiation induced diarrhea, it is caused by the bowel wall swelling (like a burn) and secreting more fluid into the bowels. The Benefiber swells in contact with the excess water.

These meds are also take for constipation so it is kind of confusing.

I find that they give me a lot of gas, so I am trying an experiment and taking beano at the same time. The way that beano works, is that it is a fungus that expands to form a solid in the presence of gas.  So will see, and if it works I will be certain to tell the cancer treatment center.

I have been extremely depressed the past few days, it really is a roller coaster emotionally,  I do well most of the time, and these days are fewer and further between, but they still happen.  I just get so angry sometimes that this has happened to me.  I feel I have looked after myself (better than most)  for most of my life. It all just seems unfair. WHY ME?

I am going for genetic counseling on Wednesday.  They say with endometrial cancer that it is usually diagnosed in women over 60, and when it does occur in younger women, they are usually overweight. My surgeon felt that the age combined with the weight, made my case possibly genetic. There is a genetic abnormality that they can identify in certain families. If this gene is found, it would mean that any females in my family are more prone to breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer.  My mother and my grandmother had breast cancer, and my younger sister had a precurser to the cancer that I have.  This info will help me to know what to do with my breasts.!

They say to look out with genetic testing as it can be means for insurance companies to refuse you, well I think that they currently have enough reasons for that, so I am just going to cling to the current insurance I have.

With chemo and then radiation and the nausea associated with all of it, I have really fallen down on my eating lots of turmuric, in fact I have had none.

Yesterday I started to develop a cookie recipe that calls for a LOT of turmuric.

The cookies are carrot chocolate chip, and I have tried to use only ingredients that I have learned are anticancer ingredients.  The first batch were pretty good, but need some work, so STAY TUNED for my ultimate turmeric cookie recipe.

I have also been trying to figure out how to get my daily green tea, as I still cannot stand the taste of it. SMOOTHIES! I can brew the green tea and put in all those berries that are anti cancer berries...

I have been planning on writing a cookbook for years, but perhaps what I need to write now is a cookbook to that utilizes all the anti cancer foods I have learned about.

Well thats what we are up to today.

OH AND MOST Important.

Ken and I went for walk in the woods today and I was not short of breath at all, and I  did run 3.5 miles on Friday with out too much trouble. My radiation doctor said that people who exercise tolerate radiation better. 

So whatever was making me short of breath seems to have gone away.

love and peace

Janet Bates


  1. That is a great idea about the green tea. I know I used to hate the taste of green tea, and then one day I bought some Sencha green tea from teavanna(which was a fortune, but lasts quite a while) and the taste is absolutely amazing. You only steep it for a minute, and then you can reuse it a few times after that. I guess some things really are worth the price difference. I definitely will try the turmeric cookie recipe when you post it!

  2. information well and good ... I like your way of thinking and your idea.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Could we please have the cookie recipe?