Friday, June 5, 2009


Hello everyone

Back to Bandon today. Just completed day 13..out of  25 radiation treatments.

All and all I am doing extremely well. Since I started to FILL the bladder before treatments they have gone well.  No diarrhea, or other symptoms. I do not have much of an appetite though.

From the reading I have done, the greatest risks of external beam radiation is the risk of bowel complications. In some studies as many as 16 % of people go on to have significant chronic bowel problems.  From other reading I have done, week 3 is the week that most of the diarrhea starts. (I am 3 days into week 3)  I am extrapolating that perhaps the fact that I am having very minimal symptoms at 3 weeks, that perhaps my chances of long term bowel complications  are low. It is a real pain, but perhaps filling the bladder is well worth it.

I am physically feeling a lot better this week too. Debbie noticed it yesterday and I would have to say I confirm it, I am much less pale than I have been.  For several weeks, everyone who sees me says how well I look and I think to myself that they are just being nice. This week my colour is much better and the shortness of breath that I have had for some time seems to be gone. MUST HAVE BEEN THE 4 HAMBURGERS I had last week,

So being 4.5 weeks away from last chemo, nice to know that I can start to feel more normal. It will be hard to go back to chemo in July, but knowing that there is an end in site  might make it easier.  I even went back to work last weekend at the hospital and will this weekend as well.

We just stopped in Drain for gas and a drink at that new Kiosk.  Drain is the most unusual town, I ponder each time through there, why there is a wedding dress store in such a small town.  There must be less than 1000 population. Today I noticed that the saw shop is for sale, going out of business, as is the restaurant at the gas station...... yet the wedding dress store is still going strong, what gives?

Possibilities, perhaps potential brides flock from all over the state to Drain to shop for their gowns,.....or could it be that the divorce/remarriage rate is high, or perhaps a cult where hundreds of women flock to marry one guy.???????

At least the gun store is still there

peace and love

Janet Bates

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  1. Glad to hear that you beginning to feel like yourself again.
    Drain that is such a strange name for a town! Maybe the wedding dress place is own by some weird millionaire who just loves wedding attire or maybe they own the gun shop for the shot gun weddings!

  2. Well the town just down the road from Drain, is Curtain.
    So when we describe which route we are taking, to get to Eugene, we always say.....the Curtain Drain way.