Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello everyone 
Well if I was to describe chemo,  I would have to say I just did not have the stomach for it, and radiation, well radiation just goes against my grain.
To have spent the past 30 years as a fiber nut, to suddenly seek out foods that have no fiber in them just seems crazy.
Fiber is the part of food that does not get absorbed. One friend in medical school, questioning my taste in bread, said "why not just put it directly in the toilet?"

I only have 10 more treatments but now having GI problems and having to go over to low fiber diet, it will seem long. Went to farmers market today and bypassed boxes and boxes of strawberries.
They tell me that the effects of radiation should "wear off" or "heal" within a few weeks of finishing. It is really starting to take a toll, feeling quite nauseous the past few days and very tired............and just getting fed up with it all. Nice to be over half way there, but truly ready to be totally done.  Sick of feeling sick.

I guess the radiation is catching up with me, I just slept all afternoon, and am still tired..
I am glad I will have 3 weeks of before chemo again. At least with chemo you have a week that you feel well.
So that is today for me......
I am sure tomorrow will be better
love and peace
Janet Bates
jankenb @ gmail.com

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