Tuesday, June 23, 2009

25 out of 25

Hello Everyone

My radiation is over now, not a bit too soon for me.

It has been a hectic time with Ken (and sometimes my) work concentrated on the weekends and radiation on the weekdays, leaves no real free time. It has been hard to really enjoy Eugene, not feeling all that well.

So now we have 3 weeks before I start chemo, and at least some days off work as well.

It is hard not to dwell on the cancer diagnosis when you are visiting a cancer centre  5 days a week......yet another reason to be glad to be finished radiation.

Saw the doctor for the final visit today, my doc was not there, so saw someone else. He basically said that I might continue to feel unwell for about 2 weeks then suddenly I will feel fine..........I fully intend to feel fine by the weekend, as my  sister, Denise, is coming down this weekend to visit.

I will see the chemo doctor on thursday, and he had suggested I wait at least 2 weeks after radiation before my next chemo, and I thought that perhaps that would make it too close to the country fair, so am planning on starting back on July 13th, the day after the fair.

The last chemo I had, several people wrote to me about an article in the news that week, where they have studied the use of eating ginger before and during chemo and have shown that it does have an effect on the nausea, so I am looking forward to doing that next chemo.

Last weekend Ken, the dogs and me went out in search of mushrooms.  It is kind of early, but it gets us out in the woods. Good for the body and the soul and the dogs bodies and souls too. We did find ONE teensy weensy itsy bitsy hedgehog mushroom, so  there must be more to come.

Perhaps that is what we will do to celebrate finishing radiation.  We will also go to Coquille point tomorrow at 8 am to see the low tide.

Just an odd aside........just passed a hotel north of north bend that has a sign that says "no smoking    pets"

I thought to myself, I am so glad my pets do not smoke.........

Love and peace

Janet Bates

jankenb @ gmail.com 


  1. Not sure if its the appropriate thing to say but here goes- Congratulations on getting through this part of the treatment. Seems to be the one part that all uterine patients seem to dread. Enjoy the weekend with your sister.

  2. Thank you, I actually did not dread it, but had I known what it would be like I SHOULD have dreaded it :)

    but now, back to chemo, which I am more than familiar with.