Friday, June 12, 2009

one and a half more weeks

Hello Everyone

Another week down and only 7 more radiation treatments left.

It has been a difficult week, not really  for any reason other than this whole cancer thing has taken over my life.

Most of the things that give me joy in life, have been compromised by the treatments, and/or some aspect of the treatments.

Staying in a hotel etc, is really getting old now, as is eating in restaurants.

Eating is one of the things that I like to do the most in life, and next to eating, preparing food is way up there.  I love to organize what I am going to make for dinner and, create the recipes etc.

I think if I had to do this all over, I would have done the radiation closer to home.  The first part of radiation was not offered in coos  bay and my surgeon suggested I do radiation in Eugene, but being away from home is wearing on me....PLUS I MISS MY DOGS.

Oh well only one more full week and then a monday and tuesday of the following week.

We have enjoyed being in Eugene despite all of this, we have taken to the trails and spent at least 4 days exploring on our bikes..  My bottom is getting a little sore, but  I have a nice WIDE seat, so no problem.

I think the sheer extent time wise of all the treatments is getting to me now. 7 months of my life taken over by this cancer treatment. There are other things going on, however the cancer plays the central role in everything we do. It will be nice to get on with life.

I have made great strides on the cd and have a real start on the cd cover, expect that will not take too long to finish.

The producer is "mixing" the cd this next week, after which I will review and make certain I am happy with all that he has done (I had planned on being in New YOrk for this phase.......but.....) The cd then gets mastered and beyond that, it gets manufactured. So we really are getting close.

We are performing at the Oregon COuntry Fair on Sunday July 12th on the community village stage, at noon.  To get ready for this  we have been busking at the Thursday farmers market in eugene, it is great fun.

Did not get many pictures, but have included one of me and Mark  Dievendorf, our drummer.

Hope y' all can make it to the fair this year

love and peace

Janet Bates


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