Thursday, June 18, 2009

singing in the park

"Ken.....howsabout you go to Eugene and leave me here to weed the garden...

By the time you get back tomorrow I will be all done."

It all seems like that would be sooo much easier. Of course they might find his butt just a bit hairier than mine.

Well Ken was having no part of that, so here we are on our way to Eugene once again.

The funny thing about counting down to things is that there comes a critical point that suddenly things seem managable.  Last weekend I had 7 more treatments and it seemed WAY more than I could handle. I got to Eugene, did Monday and then Tuesday, then had the worst day of diarrhea so far, just hunkered down for the day next to the toilet.

Then Wednesday went well, we went home for the night and I feel pretty good.

Now knowing that there are only 4 more treatments it all seems manageable no matter what.

My appointment is at 4:40 today and we are meeting Mark at the farmers market to play for an hour or so, still working on our selection of songs  for the Oregon country Fair.

We are playing on the Sunday of the fair july 12th at noon on the community village stage.

I have also started work with the company who are doing the cover of the cd, so it is  all starting to seem like a reality, despite the bumps along the way. I was trying to post the picture of the cover, but it is a pdf file, so could not post it here.

Well this is a note that is taking me a couple of days to write, on our way home now, with only TWO MORE TREATMENTS TO GO!!!!!    but then again who is counting?

Ken is all ready to go back to the CHEMO diet as he is finding he is getting constipated on the RADIATION diet.  

We played in the park again yesterday, with Mark and we are getting very excited about playing at the fair, we are getting very HOT!

Although from these pictures it looks like our band is just Mark and me, but Ken is taking the pictures,  perhaps if we get some pictures from the oregon country fair, some might have Ken in them   :)

For some crazy reason some ad company has expressed an interest in my very political christmas song "he was born".

So who knows.....??

Love and peace 

Janet Bates

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