Friday, May 8, 2009

Well good news and more

Hello everyone
The cardiologist has said that my heart looked fine and the reading that scared me so much in coos bay, was likely an error.
The colonoscopy I had last week found a polyp in my stomach and one in rectum and both were benign.. whew. I am  not sure if I was to do it again, if I would chose to do it at the same  time as chemo and radiation.  After radiation on Friday I developed terrible inflammation of the perineum, and a lot of bruising of the anal canal.
Having spoken to all three doctors, chemo, radiation and the surgeon, I think all three "situations" added to the problem. My blood count dropped quite low over weekend and I think the tiny tears from the bowel prep, which usually would heal on their own, instead got infected. The polyp that was removed in the rectal area may have fallen within the range of a weaker form of radiation on Friday, that would not normally affect normal bowel, but bowel that is healing from a biopsy may have been more prone.  Two trips and back to Eugene did not likely help a sore bottom either. ANYWAYS, I am much better now
The OTHER great news is that my ca 125 has dropped down to 15.
The ca 125 is a tumour marker for ovarian cancer that has never been shown to be a good screening test as often normal women have high rates and only 70 percent of women with proven ovarian cancer have elevated levels.
They have started to also use the test in Endometrial cancer. They have found that an elevated ca 125 level preop is associated with a poorer prognosis.  Mine was 29 and many feel that to be normal, but newer research puts post menopausal women's normal at 25, which would have made mine slightly high.  The one I had done prior to my last chemo was 61, which was concerning, but likely just the effects of the surgery and everything just settling down. HOWEVER to get a 15 this week was very reassuring.
The ca 125 is used after treatments to give an idea of whether treatments are working and after all the treatments are over they are used for surveillance looking for recurrences. Most post treatment surveillance is about every 3 months for the first few years, and often include a PAP of the vagina, ct scans and ca 125.
The ca 125 is one of those tests that is only meaningful when you are following trends and needs to be viewed as such.
On the home front, it has been interesting how this little "settlement" of animals have taken to our little "suburb"  The cops definitely seem to be the squirrels and the biggest fattest one seems to be also the mayor, or the head cop.
The blue jays come in and no one seems to bother them too much, which I cannot say is true for  for the mice and rats. No one wants the mice and rats and Vickie has carefully explained why I also do not want them. The squirrels take running shots at the rats, then the rats will come out of their holes run over the feeder, and grab a mouthful and head back into the hole before the squirrel catches them
I have my microphone set up in plain view of the window and it is a great view to look out at when you are singing. Who else has a studio so..... calming?

Well I am on day 3 chemo, thus far seem to be doing well, I have found that for the first few days Frittatas go down the best, they give me lots of protein and I also try to put in all the other good stuff.
I fry up whatever veggies I need for some form of anticancer, such as asparagus, mushroom, peppers, garlic  then I wisk 7-8 eggs in a bowl, I make sure they are organic eggs, that are higher in omega 3 fatty acids. I then take out half the yolks and throw them away. (actually I do this PRIOR to whisking)
I add black pepper to the eggs and some turmuric and then pour all of this over the veggies, 
I cook on medium to high heat, wrap the handle in tin foil (and save the tin foil for the next time)
then I sprinkle cheese lightly over the top and put this in the oven under the grill for about 5 minutes and serve on multi grain "daves killer bread" bon appetit for the chemo patient...or anyone else.
Love and peace to all

janet bates
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