Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ben, the two of us need look no more 
We both found what we were looking for 
With a friend to call my own 
I'll never be alone 
And you, my friend, will see 
You've got a friend in me 
(you've got a friend in me) 

Ben, you're always running here and there 
You feel you're not wanted anywhere 
If you ever look behind 
And don't like what you find There's one thing you should know 
You've got a place to go 
(you've got a place to go) 
This is the theme song for a movie from the 70s about a rat named Ben, sung by Michael Jackson.
I'll bet you can just guess where I am going with this one.

We have been up in portland/eugene for 5 days.... and BEN moved in.  He IS always running here and there....climbing up to the feeders, and when he looks know what he sees.... ME.
And you know Ben, there really has been a misunderstanding, my INTENTION was not to give you a place to go.
I know this is going to hurt, but BEN I did not build this community for YOU. There I said it.
Another question Ben........where are the squirrel and chipmunks? There were PLENTY of them when we left.
Another question.....why is it you cannot just eat the food, why do you feel you also have to eat the structures, the bird houses, the railings.
Yet another ? ; is there anywhere else you have "always wanted to live".  Like, Downtown lovely Bandon by the sea, howabout Coquille, the weathers better there.
Operation "relocate the rat", is currently just in its planning stages, but hope to implement it in the next few days.

Well Ken and I are back from Eugene with my sister Linda, and life is good, I think I have recovered pretty much from pretty much everything I have been complaining about over the past few weeks. 
The simulation I had on Friday was basically a ct scan. They put markers on my hips and the center of my back and a marker in the vagina. They then did the ct scan
Then to look at the ct scan you can see all the markers. My doctor showed me on the ct scan where all the structure are that she is either trying to HIT with radiation or miss.
So she will now make a "map" of where the radiation beams will be directed. The appointment on Tuesday they will make the markers into semipermanent tatoos so that they will know exactly where to line up the machines to know exactly which structures to hit
I am lying on my stomach for this, and in looking at the ct scan my bowels "nicely fall forward" and out of the way of where she is aiming the beams. The bowels will get some of the radiation which can lead to diarhea, but the goal is to  hit them with the least amount possible to prevent scarring of the bowels.
Phase 3 begins.

We are off the see the show at the Sprague this afternoon at 4, the dance show.

Love and peace
janet bates
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