Friday, May 15, 2009

oregon country fair!!!

Hello Everyone
Ken and I are over in Eugene, I will be having radiation simulation today, at 1pm we cannot remember, but I think they said it takes about 3 hours.
Yesterday got an email to say I have been asked to play on the community village stage at the Oregon Country Fair. YEA.  Won't be hard to find the highlight of MY summer from these three..:
Chemo, Radiation, playing at the Oregon country fair.
I will be back on Chemo by then, but can schedule my infusions around this to allow myself to be at my best for the day I am playing.
And I know have no shortage of hats...I could wear a different one for every song. Perhaps hatless for one.......
Speaking of hats, Ken yesterday reminded me of the husband who gains weight when his wife is pregnant. Since I lost my hair, Ken's hat collection has grown almost as rapidly as mine, I think he is GLAD I have lost my hair, so he can spend more time shopping in hat stores, his second favourite next to tent stores.

So now we are off to find me some running shoes. My  sister comes in tonite and we go back to Bandon tomorow
I am feeling pretty good except for heartburn that I just cannot get a handle on, perhaps need to find some ginger

love and peace
janet Bates
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Love and peace 

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