Sunday, May 10, 2009

chemo cycle three

Hello everyone
Well cycle 3 has not gone as well as the last one, and I have had a lot of nausea, so am sort of hunkering down, waiting for it to pass. However mentally I am doing well. I am aware that the meds are causing this and I will be fine in a few days.
I think this time I have likely eaten too much of perhaps the wrong things. It is odd, despite the nausea, I am hungry all the time. I think that the massive cell destruction caused by the meds, leaves the body trying to replenish the "building materials" at a time when the stomach just cannot deal with any more food.  The cells of the stomach and small bowel are part of the collateral damage caused by the chemo meds in the effort to "take out" the cancer cells.
So for today I think I will try to eat every couple of hours and keep it simple.
And for now I am going to buy some MORE zucchini plants to replace the ones I grew from seed and put out TOO early.  Happy Mothers day

Love and Peace
Janet Bates
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