Thursday, May 21, 2009

not part of the plan

Hello Everyone

Well day 3 of radiation and am finding it is not the piece of cake I had planned it to be.  I am quite nauseated today and the worst part, I had not planned for it. They told me on the first day I would perhaps experience some mild diarrhea about week 3. I had some nausea right after the first treatment, but thought perhaps it was just something I had ate, but it has progressively gotten worse, so I went to the hystersister site and checked it out. Turns out a lot of people have the nausea right away......which then gives way to the diarrhea. This really annoys me as I had big plans for the next 5 weeks, just fun fun fun.
Also very cold all the time, I guess that is my anemia.

Well yesterday I ran 2.2 miles and then went around on my bike to make sure it was 2.2 miles. That leave 24.1 more miles to make a marathon. Not too far.

Ken has gotten to know all the guys in the waiting room who are waiting for their wives who are having radiation the same time as me. One guys wife was having her final treatment today, so I guess someone else will be there tomorrow. They say it is very busy right now, and all the time slots are full. Cancer really is everywhere, where ever you turn, someone else has it. Sad.

Bye for now
Love and peace

Janet Bates
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