Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what the rain promised and did not deliver

Hello everyone
Well day 2 of chemo going very well.
I did the ginger thing in a really big way and have had very little nausea. I started eating real ginger 5 days prior to chemo.
I do find on the day of chemo, my thirst is more than I can keep up with, without getting nauseated. So (being the spoilt little girl I am). Ken gave me an extra litre of IV fluid last night (we got the nurse at the chemo place to leave in the IV) Felt great last night.
Today once again extremely thirsty, still drinking, but just cannot keep up. So once again am getting an IV infusion in my living room. This way I can use my stomach to eat food and not fill it up with water.
 Ken and I went on our big search for mushrooms today and came up basically empty, where are them mushys, have I started too early?
I got my neulasta shot today and am resting now. Am really feeling great though, almost on a "high". Hard to tell whether it is ginger high, a steroid high, a post oregon country fair high,or what,  but whatever it is nice
My CA 125 came back lower than ever at 5 which was also encouraging, after being off chemo for 8 weeks nice to see the ca 125 still dropping.

This morning at our medical staff meeting I was elected unanamously as the new Southern coos hospital chief of staff, so I was pretty excited about that.
AND I was almost finished on the cd then decided to start over on one song, which complicates things a bit, still looking at September, though.
Looking for a better chemo this time.......
love and peace

janet bates
jankenb @ gmail.com

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