Thursday, July 16, 2009

Its Baaaack.....

Hi everyone
Well its baaack to "you know the drill....." Gunna feel lousy for a few days now, knew it was coming, no way to avoid it, its here.
I am eating well, it is odd, I can eat, I just cannot drink without getting nauseated and heartburn.  Tired, bone pains..........
So am drinking what I can and getting an IV a day to make up the rest. 
I slept 12 hours last night, so for any who do not think I am resting.....I AM.

It is really hard to go backwards after feeling so good, but at least there is an end in sight, and the encouragement of favourable ? bloodwork to give me hope that the final chemo in August will be the end of all of this.
Ken and I are going looking at 4 wheelers today (do you note any excitement in my print?) to replace the one that got burned in the fire.  Since we only really use the 4 wheeler on the property and it is not road licensed, our house insurance covers it.  We need another 4 wheeler to haul the other one out of the rubble in the back yard.  Perhaps Ken can drop me off somewhere more exciting (like coos head foods) to look at vegetables, and he can look at 4 wheelers alone.  
Well another day closer to the end
love and peace
janet bates
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