Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bullards Beach tonite

Hi Everyone
Well this will likely be almost the last day with hair as it seems that none of the hairs I pull on are "attached". It is good though, as we are performing tonite at Bullards Beach State park, in Bandon, so it will be nice to have SOME hair.  The show will be at 7 pm for anyone interested in the show who happens to be in Bandon. It can sometimes be quite cold there, so bring warm clothes and something soft to sit on.
Jamie Sterling will be joining us on violin, and Mark Dievendorf (our drummer) is coming down from Eugene to also play with us. 
My blood counts are all good today and I am doing well. Just thought I would write a blog in case anyone wanted to know about our show tonite
love and peace
Janet Bates
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