Monday, July 13, 2009

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Hello everyone
We are sitting here in chemo and the "pre " drugs are infusing. We told the doctor about my plan to save what little hair I have with ice packs......he laughed....can you imagine?
She said that the dose I was getting was so high, it would take more than ice during the infusion. 
Well that does not stop US>

We played at the fair yesterday and though our show was smashing, it was also splashing.
Just prior to our show a thunderstorm broke out with lots of thunder and lighting and RAIN.
I was so impressed that a group of about 40 people stood out in front of us IN THE POURING rain.  Many others hid under close buildings, so all in all it was a great show.

We did have one more "encounter" with the fire department this past week. Just 50 yards prior to turning into Veneta, the van suddenly lost all power and we pulled off and it was evident that diesel was pouring out onto the highway. What a panic we went in panic mode, trying to figure out how to solve
The fire department showed up as they apparently recieved a call that there was diesel "spewing" all over the highway. We asked the fireman if we were in and danger, he said that if
the van had not ignited when all the diesel was on the tail pipe it was likely too cool a day for a fire. The firemen said that they expected to find a totally burned van.
We got lucky and they hauled the fan up to road to a shop that was open on a saturday, they 
hoisted it up and found that the clamp that puts the gas line into the engine was "gone" and the actually gas line was also in poor shape.  So we were soon "back in business"
We were able to take in some of the fair on Saturday, and while everyone seems to make an attempt to look "different" at the fair, I feel I had the most "different" hairdos.
Not one other woman was bald.  So It was a success.
Not that I plan to do it again next year.
Speaking of hair, I am currently sitting here getting chemo with an plethora of ice packs and stretchy rubber lines..."keeping my cool"
I have dug up a few studies showing success. (hair saving success)

The benadryl I was given pre chemo is starting to make me sleepy
do gnite...

love and peace
janet bates
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