Wednesday, March 24, 2010

vaginal atrophy post radiation

Hi Everyone
Just a quick note to tell you about my visit yesterday. My gynecologist/oncologist examined me and said that the bleeding from the vagina is most likely caused from atrophic tissues. Atrophy is just a wasting away of tissues, from many causes. In this case, the vaginal tissues, which have been treated heavily with radiation have lost much of their normal properties. Much like a bad burn....
If you have ever seen someone after a severe burn to part of their body, such as the face..
The skin lacks elasticity and is very prone to injury, and bleeding. She said that during her exam, doing the PAP, the tissues bled, just on touch.
ANd she said that all of this is normal and that she saw nothing suspicious for cancer. She did do a PAP which is to look microscopically at the cells. She does not expect to find anything on that either. I have read where less that 1% of endometrial cancer recurrences are picked up on PAPs. They do them, but they are little help.
The most important thing is for an experienced doctor, trained to know what to look for, to do the exam. I think more is obtained by her exam than by the pap.

So anyways, things look good. My Ca 125 is still 7 which it has been now for months (can't remember if I already said that)
I am certain that it is going to get VERY cold in Eugene soon, it may even snow..... I started planting my tomato plants in the garden yesterday :) We are gradually taking out more and more ground cover to make room for vegetables. Yesterday we put in a raised bed that I am going to put in all my basil plants, I am going to put them very close together and fertilize regularly.
I saw the most incredible movie in the chamber yesterday, the Changeling with Angelina Jolie. Wow what an incredible movie, and a true story, thanks to Bob for suggesting that one.
Bye for now, today going in for treatment number 27, I did not really start counting until the last few days.
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  1. You can almost guarantee that if Gordon plants tomatoes its going to get cold, if not freezing but close to it. Sure enough last weekend he put out the tomatoes and other plants. Mon or Tues it was almost freezing!

    Glad to hear things went well for you yesterday. Routine colonoscopy for me tomorrow at 11.30. Nothing like a colonic to make you feel good about yourself :)

  2. Gosh, I guess by now it is all over, hope it weeeennnnttttt well
    my tomatoes are still alive, but a bit water logged

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