Friday, March 19, 2010

maybe this is working

Hi there
Wanted to check in today to say that I really think that perhaps this week is really making a difference. I felt great all day yesterday and feel great today. Pain is nonexistant now.(always afraid to say that know with superstition and all)
The headaches seem to have gradually gone away with the more I wear the glasses.

Ken and Mark and I are practice practice practicing for an upcoming show here in Eugene for Earth day, April 24th, down behind the EWEB building. We are playing for a grand 75 minutes, and these shows are always great because I feel at liberty to play all political songs.
Also for the show in Seattle (folklife festival) I have been asked in addition to my stage spot to perform on another stage that they are doing a Dolly Parton thing, having everyone do a Dolly Parton cover. So have I have searched to find one that I have not heard in years, called the cowgirl and the dandy. On a rainy night in tennessee in an airport, when all the planes have been grounded she meets a "dandy". I have always loved the song, so I will do that one.
BTW, Ken and I met in an airport, on a stormy night, when all the planes had been grounded.

I once read somewhere that to form a bad habit it only takes a day or two, but to form a good habit, it takes 6 weeks. So for 6 weeks you have to PUSH yourself to do it, and then it becomes a habit. Right now I am working on my doing some form of exercise every day,........ as my habit.

After my treatment today I am catching a ride home to Bandon with a friend, and I am really looking forward to seeing Ken.
We start a 3 week holiday next week, so we will be here together.
AND TOMORROW is a big rally at the corner of 101 and hwy 42 in Bandon to protest the Iraq war, on the 7th anniversary. Come one come all, and there are protests going on all over the country.
Its bad enough the loss of life from cancer, but that is no wheres near as senseless as the loss of life from war.
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