Thursday, March 4, 2010

myopia and presbyopia

Well a wonderful celebration last week, Ken figures we should celebrate every 3 months..... figures.
We had a wonderful scallop dish for dinner with "the prisoner" wine. VERY SPECIAL, our favourite. Kind of ironic, a year ago, 2 nights before my surgery, our friends here, Mark and Linda had a party for me, I guess I preop party. Ken and I in our getting ready to come over to Eugene, forgot our bottle of "the prisoner" that we had planned on drinking at the party. So to make up for it, we stopped the whole food market and bought several bottles of wine, that had birds on the label. It was an interesting way to select wine, but actually they were pretty darn good. We had another wine that night that was called "3 legged dog", which of course also had a 3 legged dog on the label.

I had my 12th hyperbaric treatment yesterday and so far so good, they are going well. I have found that when I wear my reading glasses to read on my computer that everything is fuzzy, and when I take them off everything is fine. From what I gather my "presbyopia" (age related farsightedness) has improved.
During normal vision, light passes through the cornea, the clear covering of the eye, and then through the pupil, which is actually a hole in the colored part of the eye, or the iris. Light then passes through the lens, which focuses the image on the retina at the back of the eye. At this point the image is converted into electrical signals that are sent to the brain.
A person who is nearsighted (myopia) sees nearby objects clearly, but due to the shape of the lens, the images of distant objects are focused in front of the retina, making the images blurred.
A farsighted person (hyperopia), sees far away objects clearly and nearby objects appear blurry because the lens focuses the images at a point behind the retina.
So with myopia, usually the problem is related to the lens, and with presbyopia the problem is related to the shape of the eye, as you age and lose elasticity of the tissues the eye becomes more oval shaped as opposed to round, so the lens focuses behind where it should.
So if I am becoming more "myopic" that means the effect of the treatments are causing refractory changes in the lens so as to move the focus forward, and closer to where it should be.
So it seems that for a time, I might just have NORMAL vision.
Well at least normal "near" vision. I think my distant vision is deteriorating, Ken can see distant signs better than me, and usually it is the other way around.

Other things, I have not had nausea in a week, I still have the burning lower abdominal pain, but it is quite tolerable and I only take something when it keeps me awake at night.
I have had no bleeding for a week now, either.
Chewy and I are doing well over here, I try to take him for a walk every day around the block, he is not used to walking on a leash, and I am not used to picking up his poop. He looks at me SOOO WEIRD when I do. There is a house near the end of this road with a HUGE dog that sits in the window all the time. When Chewy goes by the dog gets VERY excited and starts heaving himself at the window, as you can imagine Chewy rescinds by heaving himself back at that dog, at the end of the leash, which is not doing my shoulders ANY good. So I try to make a very wide berth around that house. I keep wondering how long the window will last.
I have never seen so many movies. Last week was Meryl Streep week, saw Julie and Julia, then The devil wears Prada, then Rendition. To watch one actress play those three parts was amazing, she is so versatile.
This week it is Brad Pitt, saw "the curious case of Benjamen Button", and then "Glorious Basterds", again quite a change in acting. I found for being in the chamber, Benjamen buttons really dragged on, but Glorious Basterds, it seemed the treatment went very fast.
Today it is back to Meryl Streep and "Lions for lambs" thought I would like to see her in a "positive" role, a good guy.
Looking forward to seeing Ken tomorrow and a few days in Bandon

Bye for now
Janet Bates
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