Wednesday, March 17, 2010

8 loooong miles

Hi there
I am half way through the hyperbaric treatments and I feel it is helping.
It is a hard thing to measure, but I seem to have less pain. Still some bleeding, diarrhea etc etc
I have worked my way through most recent Meryl Streep movies, pretty amazing woman.
I read where she was being nominated for Julie and Julia, which is her ?14th nomination, which is a record. She certainly deserves it.

I am still working away at getting back to the shape I was in before this all happened, and that little photo above there was snapped at the end of an 8 mile run, which came after an 8 mile bike ride. The reason it is so fuzzy is that I was going SOOOO fast..:)
There certainly are more challenges with long distance running than there used to be.....
lack of bathrooms being one. I guess rather than bemoan all I have lost in fitness, I am trying to think of how very lucky I was before that running came so easy to me.
I have probably mentioned this before, but for many years, Ken and I did a 21 mile loop every Friday, Ken on his bike, and me running. To look back on my life and choose the very very best times, I would have to say that these Fridays have been the very best of days.
So I guess I would like to get them back. So I will keep working at it. You see it used to be easy for me to run that 21 miles, and to run 8 is very hard.... but I WILL quit complaining.

My eyesight is QUITE interesting. I have completely switched from being for sighted to being nearsighted. I went to get glasses this week, because I was concerned driving and having headaches and wanted to see if the vision was causing them. I normally need 2.50 readers to read a book, or the computer, now I do not need anything.
However I cannot read any of the numbers on the stove which is 8 feet away. SO I am basically reading UNDER my glasses, instead of what I normally do, which is looking over my glasses to see the distance. It is hard to remember what to do when. So subsequently the headaches are back and forth.
I have developed some vaginal bleeding which can be a sign of recurrence (but also can be several other things), so am seeing my oncologist next week.

My friend who had surgery last week has gone home and sounds like she is doing well, I have not heard yet about what was found, but I am sure in time.

Bye for now
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