Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a prayer for a friend

Over the past year, I have befriended several people with similar cancers of the endometrium.
The person I have gotten to know the best is Paige Donnelly, she contacted me via this blog and asked if we could interact through email. We have stayed in close touch throughout this time.
She had endometrial cancer which was found accidently after a hysterectomy for fibroids.
The pathology report showed a cancer in the uterus, and extremely rare one, and an extremely aggressive one. On Pet scan she was found to have a positive node in the pelvis, one in the para aortic area and another one somewheres near the liver. Since the "histology", or type of cancer is rare
She has been on chemo for a year, all of the other positive lymph nodes have disappeared except for the one near the liver. The doctors have been very hesitant to operate on this node, since the surgery itself is so "difficult" to get at. Since the other nodes have all now disappeared, they feel that there may be a benefit in operating on the remaining nodes, which is clearly abnormal, but has been stable in size for several months.
She has been to 4 OTHER centers looking for other opinions, and unfortunately with the best and the finest, her prognosis was still very poor.
I am in total admiration for her in her determination.
If anyone out there has a moment please send a positive thought, or prayer her way today, for she is having a very big operation today and she is a very special person

Janet Bates
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  1. my thought will be with her and hoping for a successful operation. Does she have Uterine Leiomyosarcoma or endometrial cancer as you mention she had fibroids and they are often put together but are completely different with their outcomes. I think its important for women to know the difference

    Sorry to hear this after you wonderful blog the other day about growing things in your garden. Gordon has a long weekend coming up so we will be in the garden, putting in potatoes, tomatoes and green beans. Hopefully he will get some spinach as well.

    Glad to hear that your treatment is going well, even it does mean your eyesight is suffering. Hopefully that will be temporary but I am sure glasses are preferable to a life of no fibre -I like my greens!

  2. No her cancer is MUCH more rare even than leiomyosarcoma.
    It is like a small cell cancer of the lungs.
    Apparently so few women have had this type that there really are no meaningful studies on it
    I think perhaps the exact histology will be known in the next days.
    Happy gardening
    Oh and the eyesight problem is temporary