Wednesday, February 17, 2010

number 2

You know since this all started a year ago, every step of the way, I have this cross coverage of people who I have something in common with.
First of all, the hysterectomy for the cancer, well on the one hand I have the commonality with those with cancer, and those who have had a hysterectomy.
Going on chemo I then had a commonality with all those of MANY different kinds of cancers, as the chemo is exactly the same, or very similar with many cancers.
With radiation, those with cervical cancer, endometrial, anal and prostate cancer all have pretty similar fields of radiation. With the radiation enteritis, I do have the one friend who had/has it.
Now with hyperbaric oxygen I have something in common with scuba divers.......
like KEN, I can talk about the feeling going down, and then the feeling coming up with the whole ear situation.
Finally something I am going through that Ken has first hand experience with.
Not that it makes a huge difference, he is always pretty darned empathetic anyways.
Second treatment today, had a lot of nausea, sure wished I could have taken some of my pills into the chamber, but you cannot take anything in. I take zofran for the nausea, and often get it after I eat. Well sometimes after I eat, I just never know.
Scott, the tech, always asks how it went, I told him about the nausea, and he said it was a sign of oxygen toxicity. I told him I do have a lot of nausea anyways, and that I gather it is just from the enteritis. He seemed to think that was more likely, I got the feeling oxygen toxicity at 2 atmospheres is not very likely.
I wonder if they would mind me taking in just one little pill.

You see it takes 15 mins to get down to the 2 atmospheres, and it also takes 15 minutes to come back up. So its not like you can open the door and get something.

I am on my own this week, next week Ken will be here, maybe he can take a picture for the blog.
My Basil and Tomatoes are big enough to transfer them into the little pots, so spent the morning gardening. I wonder how plants would do in chamber?

The good news today is that the tech was able to reschedule my time slot for Friday at 10 am which will give us lots of time to get to Coos Bay for our show at the Green Spot opening for Anne Feeney. We are playing at 8 and it would have been hard to make it in time with my regular time spot of 3pm.

Bye for now
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