Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good to go

Well this is the closest picture of the unit I will be treated in.My visit to the unit yesterday was very interesting, I was seen by several people, each of them wanting to take a picture, WHen I finally convinced them that there was nothing to take a picture of, at least nothing that they would be able to take a picture least with THEIR camera, they just took a picture of my face, They wrote out 8 numbers and I held the numbers below my face and they took a picture of my face with the numbers...(most of what they do is wound care)
Now I am pretty sure this was the hyperbaric unit, perhaps we got lost and ended up at the jail ??
I was examined by the doctor ( I will have to say it was the most in depth exam I have had by a doctor in the whole entire year), he then told me that my insurance had approved the treatments in total. What this tells me is that the insurance companies have seen the studies AND that they have paid the bills in the past of people with radiation enteritis who did NOT have HBOT treatments, and it is worth their while to treat this early.
So my treatments start on Monday, and they will usually be at 3 pm, they like to keep t
hem at the same time. They also like to have the 5 days in a row, as the formation of the new vessels takes several days in a row to get going and to take too many days off, you go backwards too many days, and your treatments need to be extended for longer than 8 weeks to make up for it.

I can watch TV, or dvds of my choosing, but the person outside the unit manages them for me.
So got to find a TV series that Ken and I have not watched during chemo and radiation.
I have much to learn about this whole process, and much to pass on to you
Bye for now

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