Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 9th

Over here in Eugene
Have put tomatoes, peppers, spinach, basil, cucumbers all in indoor flats, and beets in the garden.
I figure it is too early and I will likely need to replant them.
I figure if I am going to be here for 8 weeks, I want to do some gardening.
We are planting blueberries and a pear tree today, and I am hoping with the hyperbaric treatments I can eat pears and blueberries some day. Had a Kale and tomato pizza last night and was up half the night with burning pelvic pain. I just cannot get away with any fiber. Kale is not much higher than spinach, but I guess, still too much. When I get over a certain amount of fiber, I start bleeding. It just seems that a part of the small bowel cannot handle this at all.
My appointment is tomorrow morning and I am quite looking forward to it, I am a bit anxious as well, still do not know if my insurance will cover the treatments.
My face is feeling a lot better today, perhaps this is the turning point, it is hard to smile :)
Ken is starting to "light up" but it is still pretty clear which one of us used more sun screen......
Bye for now
Love Janet
jankenb @ gmail.com

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