Friday, February 12, 2010

concert tonite

No pictures today
My face is clearing up fairly well, just in time for our big show tonite at Brewed Awakenings.
We will play from 7-9 PM Jaime Sterling will join us on violin for part of show and
Rick Franke on harmonica and mandolin for second half (I know it is pretty unbelievable that he can do both......)
Someone told me that they were advised to get reservations, I find this hard to believe about one of my shows, but must pass that on.
OH and I should mention, we DO have a new song. I finally got it together and DID IT.
It is called "It is SO hard to be a good dog"
Any guesses who it is about? Well the "subject" will NOT be there, something about food and the health dept.
From the few accounts, (only a few have heard it), it is going to be a big hit.... I should add that it was a dog lover who said this. (as opposed to a cat lover)

My treatments are NOT starting on Monday, as previously thought, turns out that I got bumped to Tuesday. The lady in my slot (3pm) missed a day in her treatments and so has to "make it up".
I do not remember all the details, but the guy who was explaining it all to me said something about the hyperbarics thickened secretions etc etc etc....and that you could not have treatments if you are sick with a cold. OF COURSE I will find out all the details about that.
There was so much he went through, so hard to remember everything. So I will once again need to be careful about colds.
Hope to see you tonite, come out and see Ken looking like he has been clawed by a cat......
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