Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HBOT number 1

Well, just a note on my first treatment today.
It actually turns out that Feb 16th was the day I got the phone call last year to say that my biopsy had been positive for endometrial cancer. I guess it was fitting for these treatments to begin today. The visit started with a few more questions, papers needed for the insurance company.
The tech then went over the details of how it would feel going "down". Since it was my first time today, he talked to me throughout the whole process of going down to 2 atmospheres. They do it slower the first time as well, so as to get you used to the process.
Basically I changed into a gown, and he wrapped me up in some flannel blankets ( the oxygen coming in can be cold). He then moved me into the chamber, and closed the door.
He said that the top of the unit was a bit deceiving, and he was right. The unit actually looked much larger from the inside than it actually was. I did have enough room to roll over etc, but not enough to actually sit up as I had expected.
Once at 2 atmospheres, my lungs DID feel sort of odd, but I decided it was not worth reporting as it was not pain, and it was not shortness of breath. There was no clock visible so it was hard to know where I was at in the treatment, but the second Law and Order on netflix ended just as he was opening the door at the end. SO I guess that will be my time gauge. 2 crime detective episodes.

I was very glad to start today, felt quite sick all morning, made the mistake of having freezer leftovers last night that contained brown rice. Even small amts of fiber leave me nauseated.
I am really hoping that this the beginning of the end of all of this stuff.
Sometimes I figure I really should just be glad to be alive and leave it at that, .......perhaps I just want to have my carrot cake and eat it too...
bad joke

Anyways will keep you posted
jankenb @ gmail.com

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