Wednesday, April 14, 2010

too much info

Perhaps at stages that is what this blog should have been called.
Just finished the colonoscopy and then had lunch, and then had a latte....and then felt just a big groggy and nauseated, so thought perhaps it best to sit and write until all the drugs wear off.

So this is my photo album of my morning spent in the colonoscopy suite. The three red shots are all of the rectum and it should have the appearance of all the other pics.
He said that these are the changes found in the rectum with radiation proctitis. He said that the area was very friable (bleeds easily) and so is pretty likely the cause of my bleeding.
At this stage he said we will only treat this if my bleeding gets to the situation that I am in need of blood transfusions.
Unfortunately a colonoscopy only shows the large bowel, and the small bowel is where I think most of the symptoms are, but at least now I know what is causing the bleeding and that it is not cancer.
So I will write more when my head clears a bit

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